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Digging Deep for Gratitude

Digging deep for gratitude. That sounds like a daunting task, especially if you’re in the midst of a dark time in your life. A loved one has just died. You’ve lost your job. Your spouse has been unfaithful. You’ve received a cancer diagnosis. A son or daughter is in the throes of addiction and you helplessly can do nothing but stand by and watch. Everything spins out of control and you ask yourself, where is God?

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Wrestling With God

For the last several weeks I have been struggling to sleep, once again. I might go five or six days in a row sleeping only one to three hours per night. On top of that, in November I was hospitalized twice at Duke. I first went for a septic UTI, which kept me there almost a week. Then a week later, I had to go back for a blood infection which also kept me there for about a week. This caused me to miss an entire week of my class which really put me behind.

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Delightful Inheritance

During my prayer time last night, I found myself shaking my fist at God in frustration. Thankfully He didn’t strike me with lightning because He is merciful and full of lovingkindness. Plus, it motivated me to write this blog. I am open to the idea that what I’m about to tell you was part of His plan for me. It’s possible He allowed me to go through the events I’m going to share to help me grow and become more holy. And to think it all started with the failure of permanent eyeliner.

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